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gain support

I know that navigating the gym and exercise can be intimidating.

I know that there are a million programs and plans and quick fixes out there that promise you results in minutes.

I know that there will always be something going on in life that makes it seem like there's no way you can carve out a few minutes to attend to your own health and wellness. 

I also know that the process of becoming stronger and more capable can be fun and fulfilling.

I know that you are not a robot, you're a human, and programs and plans will only work for so long. You need habits and a strategy that will carry you through all of the phases of your life, not just this one.

And I know that you are worth the investment of time and energy. Acquiring strength, learning new skills, understanding how your body works, and remembering how much fun it is to move are all things that I want to help you accomplish.

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