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Want to learn and move in the comfort of your own space? Can't access me for in-person coaching or education? Just want more of me (...are you sure?! 😂)? Well, now you can! I currently offer two courses held on online-education platforms. SNATCH: A Female-Inclusive Approach to Kettlebell Training is the most extensive resource for those looking to learn the ins and outs of kettlebell training while also being mindful of their pelvic floor and core function. POP UP: An Uplifting Guide is the definitive resource for anyone managing pelvic organ prolapse (POP). Working with co-creator Dr. Annemarie Everett, I've co-created the most comprehensive and uplifting management tool for anyone looking to live a full, active life with POP. Click each course icon to purchase.

a female-specific approach to kettlebell




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SNATCH: A Female Inclusive Approach to Kettlebell Training will teach you to swing, snatch, clean, press, squat, get-up and windmill with impeccable technique and intention given to your pelvic floor and deep core system. 

Before we start moving, there are several modules delivered on the history of kettlebell training, understanding prerequisites, understanding one's pelvic floor and core function, pressure management, and special circumstances that might factor in to your training. A complete beginner can access this course and begin learning how to work with kettlebells, and the experienced kettlebell instructor will learn a new way of considering training their female athletes. You'll also have access to a private Facebook group for continued support and coaching! 

POP UP: An Uplifting Guide is the only course of its kind designed specifically for people with pelvic organ prolapse. Join me and pelvic floor physical therapist, Dr. Annemarie Everett, for over 20 hours of expert education, practical guidance, discussion on every topic you ever wanted to discuss involving POP. We talk about symptom science, exercise, daily movement practices, surgery, pelvic floor PT, body image, sex, and so much more! 

The 12-week exercise program is designed to help you build a foundation that supports your pelvic floor and your entire body from the inside out. 

You'll also have access to our secret Facebook group, a map of users interested in in-person support, interviews with experts, and continued webinars and added material. 

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